Rhino Mania is a public Art exhibition of Rhino sculptures which is to be held in Chester. After the 10 week exhibition period during the summer, an event will be held to auction off the Rhino Sculptures. The proceeds will go to the Hospice of the good Shephard “Providing specialist palliative care to the people of Western Cheshire and to help with the Black Rhino field conservation program in Africa managed by Chester Zoo.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Rhino sketches

We have decided on the idea for our Rhino and it will have a direct visual impact which suggests and shows the danger the Black Rhino's are in, they are heavily poached for their horns which are then sold on illegally for traditional chinese medicines, and decorative items. The front of the Rhino will be painted to expose the skeleton, around the middle section of the animal the flesh, muscles and at the rear- the skin of the Rhino. The design will show the graduation between the skeleton, muscle and skin. We want it to look as if the skin was peeled away. Also, our plan is to dehorn the Rhino, to directly get the message across that this is a serious issue. The graphic issue of seeing even a fake dehorned rhino will spark thought, raise awareness and hopefully help progress in the conservation of the Rhino. 

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  1. I think the concept is Brilliant, like the idea of a gradual peeling effect and really feel its important to highlight the plight of the Black Rhino, the impact of your piece should speak to people.Look forward to seeing the progress.