Rhino Mania is a public Art exhibition of Rhino sculptures which is to be held in Chester. After the 10 week exhibition period during the summer, an event will be held to auction off the Rhino Sculptures. The proceeds will go to the Hospice of the good Shephard “Providing specialist palliative care to the people of Western Cheshire and to help with the Black Rhino field conservation program in Africa managed by Chester Zoo.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Rhino has been Dehorned.

Our reason for dehorning the Rhino is to outline and highlight visually the reason why the Rhinos are hunted. There was a little apprehension when it was first being sawn off because we were not sure if any of it would crumble or fall apart, but it was a success! A piece of wood was screwed down to cover the hole, then sealed with polyfiller and left to dry. I sanded this down and applied a layer of resin to secure everything together and achieve a smooth finish similar to rest of the Rhino. The horn will be displayed and should have a provoking impact.