Rhino Mania is a public Art exhibition of Rhino sculptures which is to be held in Chester. After the 10 week exhibition period during the summer, an event will be held to auction off the Rhino Sculptures. The proceeds will go to the Hospice of the good Shephard “Providing specialist palliative care to the people of Western Cheshire and to help with the Black Rhino field conservation program in Africa managed by Chester Zoo.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


May 11th 2010. We went to Liverpool to sketch the Rhino skull and Horse skeleton they have at the Museum.  At Chester station they currently have one of the Rhino's outside, the lady bug. Whilst waiting outside the George and Dragon I saw the purple and pink baby Rhino being driven passed but didn't have time to grab my camera before it had gone. We were lucky enough to be taken behind the scenes at the museum because the horse skeleton is not on display. It was an amazing thing to see and a real help with the anatomy of the Rhino as the Horse and Rhino have the same body plan. Nando's pudding yum...

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